New Sources for Irish Women’s History

Sources for Irish Women’s History - A Map of Resources

From October 1997 to June 1999 the Women’s History Project undertook a survey of a large number of public and private repositories in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland for collections or information relating to the history of women in Ireland from the earliest of times to the 1990s. This website, Sources for Irish Women’s History, is an updated version of that original survey.

A variety of tools were developed to capture the content from the original CD-Rom and rework it for a more online age.  In addition, software was developed to revise, augment, and enrich the original content, mapping locations, creating links, and bringing together information that might otherwise get lost. Ultimately the project highlights the wealth of resources currently available for those researching Irish women's history.  As a result the update has resulted in this website which contains 20,790 records and 2,413 collections from 221 repositories around the country.  Explore it at