University of Cambridge launches eSenchas


The Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic, at the University of Cambridge, has launched, eSenchas, a new resource for the study of medieval Irish.

Senchas ( /'ʃɛnχəs/ ) was the term used in medieval Irish for the accumulation of tales, history, tradition and other information which the learned classes drew on and composed to explore Ireland’s past. This website aims to provide the modern equivalent: Electronic Senchas, or eSenchas. It gathers together a comprehensive range of digital tools which can be used to study, analyse and interpret medieval Irish texts.

eSenchas is intended as a resource for both specialists and non-specialists. The medieval Irish literary corpus offers a wealth of material to be explored: whether you are discovering this material for the first time, or wish to analyse a particular lexicographical detail, the digital resources provided here are designed to assist you.

The new website can be found at: