Historical Corpus of Irish 1600 - 1926 goes live

Historical Corpus of Irish 1600 - 1926

The Royal Irish Academy's Foclóir Stairiúil na Gaeilge (Historical Dictionary of Irish) project has launched the Historical Corpus of Irish 1600 - 1926.  This online corpus makes 19 million words of Irish, from over 3000 printed texts, freely available to read and search.  Search for a headword (lemma), for a standardised version, or for an exact match of your search term.  Results are displayed in context along with historical variations charting the word's evolution.  In addition, results can be viewed in their original text which can be downloaded in a variety of useful formats, such as TEI, ebooks, etc..

This publication represents an important milestone in the development of the Historical Dictionary of Irish.  Please visit http://corpas.ria.ie for more information.